First contact with the triathlon I experienced during the last year of studies at the University of Žilina in 2004. I trained alone at beginning and then I joined to the triathlon group KPŠ NEREUS.
I graduated at same year and started my military career in the 5th Special Forces Regiment of Slovak Armed Forces based in Žilina. I continue to interest about triathlon. Mental and physical demands of military training in this unit helped me to be better in the triathlon. Vice versa gained endurance from multisport helped me to be better prepared soldier. I tried Ironman distances 3,8-180-42 after 2 years of systematic training. Goal was just accomplish, but I finished as Slovak Champion in time 9:16. I was out of triathlon in 2006, because I was deployed with my unit in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I again ventured into training and gradually began to succeed also abroad after my returning to Slovakia. I met the nomination criteria of Slovak triathlon Union and participated in the ITU World Championships in long distance triathlon where I finished 28th in 2008. These result and few others motivated me and I gradually increased training volume. I began competed in the category of professionals in the Ironman series. I finished 12th in this category at Ironman Malaysia 2009 and 12th at Ironman Utah 2010. I edited the national best time at Ironman distances during SLOVAKMAN 2011 in time 8:26. I was seconded to perform tasks outside the territory of the Slovak Republic in Operation ALTHEA in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 9 months in 2012. I participated in the races during the vacation days and I had few nice results. I won the Czech Cup in long distance triathlon. I was again Slovak Champion in Long distance triathlon and I finish 5th at IM Wales 2012 in the category of professionals. I moved from the 5th Special Forces Regiment to the Military Sports Center Dukla Banská Bystrica. This change opened my excellent opportunities for professional sports training.
It reflected the results of the 2014 season. 10th place at IM South Africa, 6th place at IM Wisconsin and 3rd place at IM Malaysia. This is historically the best Slovak placement in the Ironman series. I would like to continue in this trend and systematic step by step to move my performance even higher.